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Protein Adhesives Symposium

Chuck Frihart.jpg

Dr. Charles Frihart

Session Organizer


USDA Forest Service, Forest Prodcuts Laboratory

Dr. Frihart is engaged with building bridges between applied and fundamental research, industry and academics, nano-scale processes and macro-scale properties, chemical structures and polymer properties between the United States and foreign researchers. His main area of interest is in adhesives, but the interaction of chemicals with wood has important value from his perspective.

Qiang Gao uncropped.JPG

Dr. Qiang Gao


College of Materials Science and Technology

Beijing Forestry University

Session Topic: Preparation and Application of Water-resistant Soybean Protein-based Adhesives

Dr. Qiang Gao received his Ph.D. degree at Beijing Forestry University, China in 2012.  Then he joined the faculty at Beijing Forestry University as a Lecturer and was promoted to Professor in 2018. During  2010 – 2011, he received a scholarship to come to Mississippi State University (MSU) as a joint Ph.D. student working with Prof. Sheldon Shi. In 2011, he won the first place award for the student poster competition at the Annual Convention, Society of Wood Science and Technology (SWST) in Portland, OR.

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