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2021 Award Nomination Deadline: February 26

The Forest Products Society will celebrate leaders and innovators in the forestry industry with its Annual Excellence Awards at the 75th International Convention. FPS members are encouraged to nominate outstanding contributors someone or encourage colleagues to do so.
To view the 2020 Award Winners Press Release, click here.
2021 Awards Chair: Justin Price, FPS Vice President

Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award

The Fred W. Gottschalk Memorial Award recognizes and honors exceptional service to the Forest Products Society by an individual member. The Award is presented annually in memory of Fred W. Gottschalk, the first President of the Forest Products Society who died in a plane crash in Salt Lake City in 1965.
To be eligible for nomination, the candidate must have been an active member of the Society for a minimum of 10 years with a demonstrable history of service to the Society. 
To submit a nomination, send a letter of recommendation and the nominee's background to Jennifer Whitlow at
Maureen Puettman headshot.jpg

2020 Fred W. Gottschalk Award Winner

Maureen E. Puettmann

Wood Engineering Achievement Award
The Wood Engineering Achievement Award recognizes accomplishments and innovations in the discipline of wood engineering including structures, structural elements, building codes, consensus standards, design procedures and education. 
The Award alternates each year between three categories: Lifetime Achievement, Young Engineer, and Engineering Innovation. The 2021 category is Engineering Innovation.
To submit a nomination, send a letter of recommendation and the nominee's background to Jennifer Whitlow at
Arijit Sinha headshot.jpg

2020 Wood Engineering Achievement Award Winner - Young Engineer

Arijit Sinha

L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award
The L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award is intended to encourage research and promote knowledge of wood in the engineering field as a means of enhancing the efficient utilization of wood. This Award was established in 1969 by L.J. Markwardt, a Charter member of the Society, who was for many years an Assistant Director at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI in charge of Wood Engineering Research. 
The Award is presented annually to the author or authors of a technical paper published during the two calendar years prior to the award year in either the Forest Products Journal  or Wood and Fiber Science that is judged to be the most outstanding research paper in the field of wood as an engineering material. 
In 2021, wood engineering research papers stressing practice (applied) are eligible for the Award.
To submit a nomination, send a letter of recommendation and the nominee's background to Jennifer Whitlow at
Wen Gang Hu headshot.jpg

2020 L.J. Markwardt  Award Winner

Huiyuan Guan and Wen Gang Hu

"Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Compression Creep Behavior of Wood"

Published in FPJ 68:2

FPS Wood Award
The Forest Products Society’s Wood Award (first and second place) recognizes and honors the most outstanding research in the field of wood and wood products conducted by graduate students. The Wood Award is the most prestigious award in the area of graduate research in wood and wood products. The 1st Wood Award was presented in 1948, and with the exception of the years 1951 and 1952, it has been given annually since its inception.
The graduate student author must have been registered for a full quarter or full semester at any university or college during the prior year. The paper must be in English, limited in length to between 2,000 to 4,000 words, and in a format consistent with that of a submission to a scientific journal. For judging purposes, any reference to the university or institution where research is or was conducted, and any mention of the author's name must be deleted from the title page and the body of the text. 
To submit a nomination, the graduate student's research adviser should send the student's paper and a letter of recommendation to Jennifer Whitlow at
Osei Asafu-Adjaye headshot.jpg

2020 FPS Wood Award Winner - 1st Place

Osei Asafu-Adjaye

Saeid Nikafshar headshot.jpg

2020 FPS Wood Award Winner - 2nd Place

Saied Nikafshar

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